ClimEd 3rd Online Training “Digital Tools and Datasets for Climate Change Education”

The Erasmus+ ClimEd project training  on “Digital Tools and Datasets for Climate Change Education” will take place online during 26 October – 12 November 2021; see announcement. The ClimEd Trainings are focused on training the faculty staff at the ClimEd partner institutions in advanced educational and information-and-communication technologies for building a flexible multi-level integrated practice-based education system in the field of Climate Services, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.

The 3rd ClimEd training programme will include lectures (26-28 Oct 2021) on IPCC assessment with regional focus; activities in support climate related research: current status and perspectives; WMO integrated climate services; observations for climatic variables; remote sensing; global/ regional/ urban scale climate related modelling: current state, perspectives, data/databases, and applicability of results; climate/ Copernicus related datasets; tools for visualization and analysis of climate related data.

During 2 weeks the participants will work remotely in groups on home-work-assignments (HWAs). These HWAs will be based on climate related topics for agriculture, energy, technical design and construction, urban economy, water management, health-care.

The final presentations by groups will take place on 12 November 2021 followed by e-evaluations of HWAs, training course, learning outcomes of the training, and awarding e-certificates (corresponding to 3 ECTS) for successfully defended group projects.

Text by Tetyana Kryvomaz (KNUCA), Valeriya Ovcharuk (OSENU), Alexander Mahura (UHEL)

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