iCUPE project final science workshop

On 9-10 June 2021, the online final scientific meeting of the Horizon-2020 iCUPE project (coordinated by Prof. Tuukka Petaja, University of Helsinki) took place. During these two days, the participants (almost 40 from the iCUPE Partners/Institutions of the European countries and Russian collaborators) presented results and outcomes of research on ground-based component for short-lived climate forcers; in-situ component for organic contaminants, mercury and other heavy metals; satellite remote sensing of Arctic surfaces; integrating in-situ, satellite and model components for improved environmental assessment; as well as data provision, interoperability, and facilitation of data and services.

The PEEX Russian collaborating partners from the Zuev Institute of Atmospheric Optics of SB RAS, Kola Science Center of RAS, and the Moscow State University shared results of aircraft measurement campaign to study vertical distribution of trace gases and aerosols over the Russian Arctic seas;  studies on changes in water, land, and other ecosystems due to climate change and pollution over the Kola Peninsula and northern Scandinavia; results of research campaign to study Arctic urban heat island development and peculiarities.

All generated iCUPE datasets are available at:

All iCUPE project relevant reporting/deliverables and a list of resulted peer-reviewed publications to be available at:

Text by: Alexander Mahura, Tuukka Petäjä, Ksenia Tabakova, University of Helsinki, Finland

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