The Arctic Yearbook

The Arctic Yearbook is an open access compilation of peer-reviewed articles in the field of Arctic geopolitics, security studies and development. It is an online publication from the Geopolitics Thematic Network of the UArctic, headed by Prof. Lassi Heininen and hosted by the Arctic Portal. The yearly online journal dates back to 2012 when the thematic network was established. “My students where saying that books were expensive. Open access was the driving force”, explains Lassi.

The platform offers early career researchers both free access to peer-reviewed material on geopolitics and a place where they can submit their research for open access in English, free of charge. It worked from the first issue thanks to a good network that Prof. Lassi provided, with senior researches with whom he had previously collaborated and were available for the peer-review process. We now need more names, more researchers because the topics covered are expanding and becoming from multi-disciplinary.

This year’s topic is “Redefining Arctic Security”. There is a big change going from traditional military security towards an environmental and human security because of climate change, for example food security.  The topic for next year’s issue and the open call for submission will be announced by mid-December 2019.

Prof. Lassi Heininen is a professor emeritus from University of Lapland, and Research Director at INAR/University of Helsinki.

Text by Stephany Mazon, INAR/University of Helsinki

Follow the Arctic Yearbook on twitter at @ArcticYearbook and visit the Geopolitics Thematic Network page here.

The Arctic Yearbook is an annual online publication, which offers free, open access literature under the Geopolitics thematic network.

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