MODEST in Krakow, Poland

MODEST project meeting in Krakow, Poland in 9.-11.7.2019 was organized by the Jagellonian University. I participated in the meeting on behalf of University of Helsinki, which is one of the partners in the MODEST project. The meeting venue was located in Faculty of Chemistry, Jagellonian University. The faculty has brand new premises in the campus area. The meeting consisted of three days.

The first day, called “Information day” included presentations about doctoral studies in Jagellonian University, in particular in natural sciences. The requirements for PhD degree in Faculty of Chemistry in Jagellonian University seems to be fairly similar than in Doctoral School of Natural Sciences in University of Helsinki. PhD students have to accomplish 40 ECTS’s studies and they are expected to teach 60 h per year. The thesis needs to be either monograph or collection of papers. The latter option has become more common in recent years. After presentations, we visited the chemistry research laboratories and the museum of natural sciences.

The second day was called “Training day”. The day started with presentations about training system in doctoral students in Jagellonian University, and the concept of problem-based learning. After lunch we had a presentation + workshop on learning outcomes. The task was to define different learning outcomes for various target groups (like PhD students, administrative people, etc). After this, the afternoon was spent with discussions on WP1, and late in the evening we had a conference dinner in a restaurant by the river Vistula near Krakow centre. The last day, “Hard work day” began with visit to Jagellonian e-learning centre. We received information about what student platform are used (e.g. Moodle) in Jagellonian university. After that, we had a guided tour in University museum. The Jagellonian University is the 2nd oldest in central Europe, and we e.g. visited the rooms where Nicolaus Copernicus studied in late medieval period.

Finally, the project meeting ended with work on project management issues. The main things concerning University of Helsinki:

  • Individual travel reports + other documents will be soon in Google Drive, and they need to finished by Sep 15 from period Nov 2018-Aug 2019.
  • Helsinki is responsible for organising a summer school next year. Given Timo’s availability and midsummer time (Juhannus), the preliminary time was discussed and chosen to be the first week of June. July would be bad in terms of holidays. I also delivered Timo’s idea about Hyytiälä as a location, and this was welcomed positively, especially if the transportation costs is not a problem. The topic of summer school will be decided latest by December 2019.
  • Consortium meeting will be held 12.-13.12.2019 in Riga. Max. 2 persons / institute.

Text by Mika Rantanen, INAR, University of Helsinki.

PhD students from the University of Helsinki are also actively involved into development of the Doctoral Training Centers through participation in the Erasmus+ MODEST project educational and training events as well as as providing feedback and constructive criticism from a point of view of the doctoral students community.

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