Multiple satellites observation of extreme events

The Satellite and in-situ observations of extreme climate and disasters over One Belt & One Road region (funded by the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) project team aims at satellite and in-situ observations of some extreme disasters, such as dust storm, tropical cyclone, heat wave, drought, and snow, to evaluate the intensity of extreme disasters and reveal their evolution with global climate change.

Dust aerosol plays an important role in the interaction and feedback process with the environment, weather and climate, and it also contributes greatly to many kinds of diseases and economic loss. In order to mitigate the impact of dust storms, we monitored the dust storm transportation using FY-4, Himawari-8, MODIS, AVHRR, and CALIPSO satellite data. Combined with meteorological reanalysis data, we analyzed the starting, development and deposition mechanism of dust storms. Now, we focus on the effect of dust storms originating from east Asia on the ocean eutrophication over Western North Pacific.

Fig. 1 Dust storm transportation over east Asia

 Through some Geostationary Meteorological Satellites, such as FY series and Himawari, and some polar orbit satellites with high spatial resolution, we can get the structure of typhoon, rain intensity and wind speed with higher precision. We explored the variation of typhoon structure, wind fields, and rain intensity during rapid intensification process. We devote to figuring out the differences of those aforementioned features between different intensity change categories, which will be applied in intensity monitoring.

Fig.2 Typhoon monitoring by NPP/VIIRS

 In order to achieve near real time monitoring through multi-satellites, integrated system or platform should be established, and further researches are needed.

Scientific publications:

Liu, Y., Zhang, J., Zhou, P., Lin, T., Hong, J., Shi, L., Yao, F., Wu, J., Guo, H., and de Leeuw, G.: Satellite-based estimate of the variability of warm cloud properties associated with aerosol and meteorological conditions, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 18187-18202,, 2018

Zhang, D., Zhang, J., Yao, F., Shi, L.: Observed Characteristics Change of Tropical Cyclones during Rapid Intensification over Western North Pacific using CloudSat data, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 2019. (Accepted)

Text by Prof. Jiahua Zhang, Lamei Shi, and Da Zhang, RADI, China.

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