Horizon 2020 CRiceS – First Steps

The Horizon-2020 project CRiceS (Climate Relevant interactions and feedbacks: the key role of sea ice and Snow in the polar and global climate system) launched the project website http://www.crices-h2020.eu
The kick-off event – online – of the CRiceS project will take place during 12-14 October 2021. Main goal of the kickoff is to encourage Partners/Teams collaboration across work packages and tasks via providing introductions and main research expertise/ roles/ plans/ etc. Both oral and poster sessions will be arranged. The CRiceS Core Themes – CT1: Heat, mass and momentum exchanges; CT2 – Aerosols and clouds; CT3 – Biogeochemical cycles, greenhouse gas exchange; and CT4 – Integrated system understanding – will be presented as the virtual interactive poster sessions with discussions. The Sister Project PolarRES will be presented. 
The internal communication tools, impact through CRiceS communication platforms and outreach, research methods and tools, data and code management, project practicalities will be discussed as well as outlook for the next 6 months period.
Text by Tuukka Petaja, Alexander Mahura (UHEL)

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