PEEX Online Meeting 2021 – Sharing Results and Highlights from the PEEX Community

On 28th April 2021, the PEEX Online Meeting (hosted by the PEEX Headquarters in Helsinki) took place with more than 80 participants from the Pan-Eurasian region. The Meeting agenda included about 30 oral presentations. The Meeting began with the plenary talk on “The effect of COVID-19 restrictions of human activities on atmospheric chemical cocktail, new particle formation and air quality in Eastern and Northern China“ by Academician, Prof. Markku Kulmala (INAR, University of Helsinki). It was followed by a series of oral presentations on topics related to studies on aerosols, greenhouse gases, weather, ecosystems, water, society, and science education. The highlights on research topics and science questions were also shared by each presenter to stimulate and expand further collaboration, research and science education activities in the PEEX’s agenda frameworks.

During discussions (moderated by Prof. Tuukka Petäjä, INAR/University of Helsinki) it was stressed that although PEEX has its own geographical region interest, but attention needs to be paid also to the global dimension. In particular, observations at stations (shown in the PEEX e-catalogue of Russian ecosystem-atmosphere in-situ stations; updated regularly) in Arctic, Siberia, etc. can contribute to global programmes such as WMO’s GAW, which is a good platform to share data. Moreover, issues of Arctic cities urban development (WMO’s GURME, PACES, other activities), climate change and adaptation in northern latitudes, air quality, linking to geophysical, ecosystem, atmospheric, and processes, studies related to COVID times – are all important for the PEEX community.

Next PEEX Science Conference – plans for 2022 (& looking forward for opportunities for face-to-face events)

The nearest meetings/ events of interest for the PEEX Community:

  • 29 April 2021 – Online PEEX Special Session “Pan-Eurasian EXperiment (PEEX) – Observation, Modelling and Assessment in the Arctic-Boreal Domain” at EGU-2021
  • 18 May 2021 – Online Workshop: Innovation in Atmospheric Sciences
  • 26-28 May 2021 – Online Workshop: 4th PACES (Air Pollution in the Arctic: Climate, Environment and Societies) Science meeting
  • 9-10 June 2021 – iCUPE Online Science Workshop, contact Tuukka Petäjä <>

PhD students and young researchers are especially welcome to apply/ participate:

  • webinars of the MODEST project (Modernization of Doctoral Education in Science and Improvement Teaching Methodologies)  on PhD courses for students and Doctoral Training Centers
  • trainings of the ClimEd project (Multilevel Local, Nation- and Regionwide Education and Training in Climate Services, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation) on climate related issues

PEEX Online Meeting highlights:

You are welcome to join!

  • to share your news and results in the PEEX NewsLetters & PEEX Blog – send e-mail with your contribution to
  • to submit manuscript to the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP) journal “Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) – Part II” – inform/ contact with Hanna K. Lappalainen <>

Contact and join e-mailing list:

Text by Drs. Hanna K. Lappalainen, Stephany Mazon, Alexander Mahura

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