The Web Application for the Environmental Education

by Dr. Vladimir Chukin (MeteoLab LLC, Russia)

Modern climate changes lead to the need for society to adapt to them in agriculture, construction, transportation, as well as in many other sectors of the economy. It is today’s youth that will implement these changes together in the near future. Therefore, it is now necessary to conduct comprehensive training and education for young people to demonstrate the real causes of climate change.

Our innovative web application allows a student to measure environmental parameters using a smartphone, collect and analyze environmental data to determine the contribution of various factors to the formation of the climate. This approach is aimed at people of the generation Z who widely use digital technologies in their everyday life (10-19 years old).

The use of the App makes it possible to carry out online educational activities in direct student-nature interaction: measure the fluxes of solar radiation and the albedo of the earth’s surface, calculate the vertical fluxes of heat and moisture near the earth’s surface, estimate the transparency of the atmosphere, and etc. As a result of using the application students acquire new skills: creating IoT devices, data analysis, and physical principles of climate change.

App-based activities can be in the form of school environmental projects, open lessons for young people, formal lessons with the effects of human-nature interaction, information activities to popularize science and adapt to climate change, and many others. These educational activities can be implemented within the framework of the sustainable development strategy of large companies and regions. We are open to cooperation and communication to achieve sustainable development of the society.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number 4, 11 and 13.

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