SMEAR II celebrates its 25th Anniversary

The Station Measuring Ecosystem Atmosphere Relations (SMEAR II) celebrated its 25th anniversary event on August 20th 2020 in Hyytiälä, Finland. Due to COVID19  the program was live streamed at Hyytiälä research station. In addition to seminar and walking tour to SMEAR II site, the program included the release of art piece IÄI by the artist group IC-98 in forest, and raising a virtual toast (read news here). The art peace is composed of 38 words or syllables written on stones, rocks and trees in the forest, or in the case of Helsinki, in concrete, on a wooden railing and on a stone transported from Hyytiälä.

During its 25 years time the SMEAR II  station has been a success story leading to scientific breakthroughs in atmospheric sciences  e.g. in understanding the  COntinental Biosphere-Aerosol-Cloud-Climate (COBACC) feedback loop and the role of boreal forests in this context. Integrated measurement concept at the SMEAR II  has motivated  Academician Kulmala has to introduce the idea of Global Earth Observatory.

Read more on Global Earth Observatory in the Nature 553, 21-23 (2018) publication in here.

Read more on SMEAR-II research highlights here.

Text by Hanna K. Lappalainen, PEEX HQ, University of Helsinki

SMEAR II Station, Hyytiälä, Finland in winter. Photograph: Juho Aalto.

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