Smart and Sustainable Cities international conference

From July 8 to 10, 2020, the Smart and Sustainable Cities international conference  (SSC-2020) in advanced technologies for sustainable development of urban green infrastructure was held on the base of the Smart Urban Nature Lab ( of RUDN University. Due to specific circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held online. However, this did not prevent the conference for the second time from becoming an open discussion platform uniting not only the research community, but also municipal services, environmental protection agencies and organizations working in the field of urban management and landscaping.

The conference brought together more than 100 participants from Russia, USA, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan with the involvement of leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of ecology, soil science, landscape design and sustainable development.

In frame of SSC-2020 was organized urban climate and air quality session including 6 oral and 5 poster reports (in connection with PEEX “Pan-Eurasian Experiment”) with conveners: Pavel Konstantinov (RUDN/MSU, Russia) & Michael Leuchner (RWTH, Germany). 

With the support of Pan-Eurasian Experiment, the session brang together experts in climate monitoring and modeling, air quality assessment and air pollution mitigation. Modeling urban climate at different levels, including mezoclimatic anomalies and projections under different scenarios of global climate change were discussed. Urban wind events and associated risks to human health and well-being were a hot topic for the session. Finally, presentation on different aspects of air quality analysis, including VOC and PM and possible effects on human health as well as possible solutions to mitigate air pollution in cities were highly expected topics.

The conference was fully virtual. Screenshot of Plenary lecture by Alexander Baklanov (WMO).

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