On space weather factors which can impact terrestrial physical processes

Olga M. Stupishina 1, E.G. Golovina 2

1 Saint-Petersburg State University, Physics, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation (olgastupishina@yandex.ru)

2 Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation (goloveg@yandex.ru)

The main idea of our work is to find out the perspective points for the investigation of space factors which can impact physical processes on Earth surface. Some decades ago the complex of those factors was named as “Space Weather”. So the main purpose of our work is to discover the connection between Space Weather and Terrestrial Weather. The working scheme for the definition of helio-geo-physical factors, which probably can impact (arrows) terrestrial processes as well as impact each other:

The presented work contains the description of the Space Weather characteristics for the appearance moments of very long-live (more than 10 days) atmosphere pressure systems on different terrestrial latitude locations. These Long-live Pressure Systems (LPS) are interesting for us because some of them (namely anticyclones) can block pressure fields so they can create some dangerous situations for the human health as well as for the human activity. In turn cyclonic activity sometimes holds for a long time and somehow withstands to anticyclonic activity. So we want to find probable reasons of the beginning of such long-live systems. The different terrestrial latitude locations were: (1) Saint-Petersburg (59o57‘N, 30o19‘E) and (2) Tambov (52o43‘N, 41o27‘E). This latitude difference in observations is interesting for us because we know about the different affect of Space Weather variations on northern and southern places so we want to study this difference.  The time-interval was: 2007-2014 years (the min-, rise- and max-phases of Solar Activity (SA) 24-th cycle).

Space Weather parameters were:

  • 1) the indexes of global SA-parameters variations:
  • 2) the daily characteristics of the SA-flare component in various bands of the electromagnetic spectrum:
  • 3) the variations of Interplanetary Space characteristics in Earth vicinity:
  • 4) the variations of the daily statistics of Geomagnetic Field (GMF) characteristics:

The most remarkable results we have found for the long–lived cyclonic activity. For the appearance moments of these LPS we have discovered the interesting behaviour for the follow Space Weather characteristics:

We may conclude that:

  1. There are perspective points for the investigation of space factors which can impact physical processes on Earth surface.
  2. The most perspective Space Weather characteristics for the study of the connection between the variation of space parameters and atmosphere phenomena are:  (a) global variations of Solar Activity, (b) variations of the low-energy X-Ray and Ha flares daily number, (c) variations of Geomagnetic Field characteristics – planetary and those on exact-latitudes.

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