Bringing together Selenga-Baikal Research 2020

BaSeNet – PEEX subprogram – will organize VI international workshop Bringing Together Selenga-Baikal Research 2020 on the shore of Lake Baikal from 8 to 13 August, 2020.

The workshop will be in line with international UNESCO World Large River (WLR 2020) conference and is co-organized by PEEX. International participants of WLR 2020 will receive assistance throughout the trip to Moscow and Baikal Lake . The conference will be hosted at the International  ecological educational center “Istomino” of the Baikal Institute of Natural Management.

Please register with the Local organizing committee before February 10th 2020. For details please contact Sergey Chalov ( ) or local organizing committee.

Local organizing committee:

Dr. Vsevolod Moreydo, WPI RAS, Russia. International registration: vsevolod.moreydo(a)

Alexander Ayurzhanaev, BINM RAS, Russia Local registration: aaayurzhanaev(a)

BaSeNet is interested in investigating and quantifying the waterborne transport of matter under changing hydro-climatic conditions on large drainage basin scales. BaSeNet aims to utilize and further develop an already established unique monitoring and modeling platform within Lake Baikal and its main tributary Selenga River Drainage Basin which are considered as a large-scale field laboratory. The area represents a region of the Arctic Ocean catchment, which will also be used for cross-regional comparison with other parts of the world.

Text by: Dr. Sergey Chalov, Moscow PEEX Office, Lomonosov Moscow State University

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