City of Moscow and City of Helsinki visit SMEAR II, Hyytiälä


The City of Moscow and City Helsinki visited Station Measuring Ecosystem Atmosphere Relations (SMEAR II) Station in Hyytiälä in June. The Government of Moscow was represented by Polina Zakharova, Director of “Moscow monitoring” and her colleagues of City of Helsinki Esa Nikunen, Director General of the Environment Centre of Helsinki City; Alpo Tani (Land use and Building, City of Helsinki) and Outi Väkevä, (Helsinki Region Environmental Services, HSY) also participated participated in the SMEAR-II tour. The visit was a continuation for a conference on “Modern metropolis: the formation of a green economy” held in Moscow last December. The City of Moscow is member of the C40 network, which is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change, is supporting cities to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable action on climate change (

INAR offers the SMEAR measurement concept, which is best demonstrated in the Hyytiälä at the SMEAR II station. The SMEAR concept could provide a state-of-the-art monitoring solution for megacities like Moscow. Cities like Helsinki could serve as test bed for a proof of concept, for an advanced air quality and carbon balance monitoring system. INAR is promoting the concept for all the visitors in Hyytiälä. The concept called also as a GlobalSMEAR Intitiative is currently looking for upscaling opportunity via the European Institute of Innovation and Technology – ClimateKIC finding instrument. The Global-SMEAR scaling model is built on the SMEAR products, global markets, taking into account the competition advantages and barriers and financial frames. The overall plans were made in 2018 during the ClimateKIC partner accelerator project. GlobalSMEAR is mainly based on academic franchising and the current SMEAR-station-networks’ covers five SMEAR stations out of which SMEAR I-IV stations operate in Finland and SMEAR-Estonia in Järvselja, Estonia. We also have two SMEAR-accredited stations in China, one in Nansing and one in Beijing. In Europe, we plan to setting up new observation site(s) and pilot a station upgrading of the urban air quality station in an European city. The next steps of the Global-SMEAR approach is planed to attract problem holders like, local city authorities to get acquainted with the SMEAR concept and to boost novel instrument technologies, (mobile phone) applications and (early warning) services for comprehensive environmental monitoring for maximizing the innovation capacity of the SMEAR concept. This would .ensure the full range of technical and business knowledge and competence are brought for further upscaling the GlobalSMEAR concept after the Climate-KIC demonstrator project.

Text by Hanna Lappalainen, INAR, University of Helsinki, PEEX-HQ

Tour of SMEAR II station, Hyytiälä, Finland

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