Calotte Academy 2019: call for papers

Theme: ‘Future Arctic Societies: Scenarios, Innovations, Best Practices & Actors’

The Calotte Academy 2019 is planned to be organized in November 12/13-18/19, 2019 in the European Arctic — Rovaniemi, Inari and Enontekiö, Finland; Kautokeino, Norway; Apatity, Russia (tbc).

This travelling symposium will discuss Arctic issues and discourses in the context of the regional and globalized Arctic theoretically and holistically from many scientific and knowledge angles and multi/inter-disciplinary approaches, from academic and policy-oriented ones, including exploitation, transportation, tourism, infrastructure and technologies, film-making, as well as telecommunications and digitalization. This will be done from the perspectives of past(s), present(s) and in particular future(s), and from global, international, Arctic and local contexts in the European Arctic, as well as from points of view of different stakeholders from indigenous peoples to business. What are their ecological and socio-economic impacts, and what kind of ‘new sustainable economies’ would be needed/foreseen? Final, who are the involved actors, and what are their interests, and how do they take into consideration ‘societal security’, and how do they help to develop pathways to plausible sustainable futures?
The focus of the 2019 Academy is inspired by the substantial, multidimensional and multi-theoretical discussions and debates on perceptions of, and discourses on, the Arctic and arctic politics in the previous (e.g. 2017 and 2018) Academies’ sessions (see, Final Reports at the website). This will be continued by having the main focus on ‘societal security’ and what kind of Arctic societies, as well as scenarios, innovations, best practices for them, there could/should be in the future.

This is call for papers for established researchers and early-career scientists (ECS), particularly PhD candidates and post-docs, with different academic and/or knowledge backgrounds to participate and present their work in the 2019 Calotte Academy. You may participate in the whole route, as it is recommended, or in sessions of 1-2 destinations.

Participation fee (to cover transport, accommodation, and materials during the Academy) for ECS is 400€, and for senior scientists 800€. For a limited number of ECS the organizers will cover the costs of bus travel during the Academy as well as accommodation. Applications, incl. freely formulated funding applications, should be submitted online here.
The deadline for applications for funding — which should include an abstract (ca. 250-350 words) and a short letter of intent — for PhD candidates and post-docs is September 20, 2019.

More Information and Contact
The Calotte Academy 2019 is organized by Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Lapland, Saami Education Institute, and Institute for Atmospheric and Earth Research (INAR) at University of Helsinki (Finland); Luzin Institute for Economic Studies of RAS at Kola Science Center, and Faculty of Geography at Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), in cooperation with International Center for Reindeer Herding Husbandry (EALAT) (Norway) (tbc).

For more detailed information about the 2019 Calotte Academy, please contact with the co-coordinators: Researcher, PhD candidate Gerald Zojer (gerald.zojer(a), or PhD candidate Salla Kalliojärvi (skallioj(a) at University of Lapland.
For more general information about the Calotte Academy, please contact the members of the Steering Group — Research director Lassi Heininen (lassi.heininen(a), or Secretary General Hanna Lappalainen (hanna.k.lappalainen(a), INAR at University of Helsinki; or Senior Researcher Ludmila Ivanova, Luzin Institute for Economic Studies of RAS (

Text: Gerald Zojer, University of Lapland

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