What if you could get reliable information of air quality everywhere you go on your phone?

MegaSense air quality 2.0

MegaSense is working to implement a network of high –> medium –> low cost sensors that coupled with AI will map a denser grid of reliable, real-time air quality information, no matter where you are in the city.

It is an ambitious effort unlike any seen at the University of Helsinki: a multiscale, multidisciplinary project bringing together research, government and business.

In the research group, the University of Helsinki involves professors to masters students from Computer Science, Geography and INAR. The government actors include Helsinki City and EU funding. Industry collaborations extend internationally, from Business Finland to Beijing mobile networks.

Alongside MegaSense comes the project HOPE, which received EU funding from the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) programme. Under HOPE, local mobile sensors will be deployed in Jätkäsaari, Kumpula and Pakila that will link to SMEAR III in Kumpula Campus and a superauto operated By HSY, and form the first dense grid of air quality information.

How doest it work?

A SMEAR-type station or supersite will provide comprehensive, accurate, high resolution data. Medium cost instruments will form the second level nodes of the network, followed by low cost sensors to be deployed all around the city. The dense grid of spatial-temporal reliable data is then a result of modelling, data harvesting, and processing thanks to AI, machine learning and a 5G network. 

The first case is expected to be operational this year through HOPE in Helsinki City.

In brief:

MegaSense is a long-term multidisciplinary research program aiming for highly accurate low cost air quality monitoring enhanced by AI techniques. The key insight is to leverage Global SMEAR for ground truth in building the next-generation AI for distributed air quality monitoring. The program consists of two research programs at the moment: UrbanSense with the City of Helsinki and the HOPE EU funded project.” (MegaSense project team)

Watch the MegaSense video

Find MegaSense in Twitter

Interview by Stephany B. Mazon, Interviewee: Tareq Hussein and Maria Linkoaho-Nordling (MegaSense)

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